Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wikipedia article of the day for March 14, 2017

The Wikipedia article of the day for March 14, 2017 is Hugh de Neville.
Hugh de Neville (died 1234) was the Chief Forester under the kings Richard I, John, and Henry III of England, and a sheriff of several counties over his lifetime. Neville was related to royal officials and a bishop, and was a member of Prince Richard's household. After Richard became king in 1189, Neville continued in his service, accompanying him on the Third Crusade. Neville remained in the royal service following Richard's death in 1199 and the accession of King John to the throne, becoming one of the new king's favourites and often gambling with him. He was named in Magna Carta as one of John's principal advisers, considered by a medieval chronicler to be one of King John's "evil counsellors". He deserted John after the French invasion of England in 1216, but returned to pledge his loyalty to John's son Henry III after the latter's accession to the throne that year. Neville's royal service continued until his death in 1234, though by then he was a less significant figure than he had been at the height of his powers.

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