Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wikipedia article of the day for March 13, 2017

The Wikipedia article of the day for March 13, 2017 is God of War II.
God of War II is a third person action-adventure video game first released on March 13, 2007, and was the last major release for the PlayStation 2. The player controls Kratos, a Spartan warrior who became the new God of War after killing the former, Ares. Kratos is betrayed by Zeus, the King of the Olympian Gods, who strips him of his godhood and kills him. On his way to the Underworld, Kratos is saved by Gaia, who instructs him to find the Sisters of Fate. Acquiring their power, he travels back in time to avert his betrayal and take revenge on Zeus, who is revealed to be his father. The gameplay focuses on combo-based combat and features quick time events that require the player to complete game controller actions in a timed sequence to defeat stronger enemies and bosses. The game also features magical attacks, puzzles, and platforming elements. The fourteenth best-selling PlayStation 2 game of all time, it sold more than 4.24 million copies worldwide. Regarded as one of the best action-adventure games for the platform and noted for its graphics and gameplay, it received several awards, including PlayStation Game of the Year.

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