Thursday, January 19, 2017

SAVE THE DATE! 1st FUTURE SKY SAFETY Public Workshop - 8-9 March 2017, Brussels (Haren), EUROCONTROL Headquarters - Room Europe Rue de la Fusée, 96

[Source: Research & Innovation] Future Sky Safety, the EU-funded Joint Research Programme in the field of aviation safety is pleased to announce its First External Workshop on “Future Sky Safety: a Joint Programme for Aviation safety”.The Public Workshop will be held in Brussels, at EUROCONTROL Headquarters, on the 8th and 9th of March, 2017. Aviation safety stakeholders – Regulators, Industry, Research Centres, Universities and members of EC and National funded RTD projects – are invited to attend.The Public Workshop will be a unique opportunity for all participants to network and to discuss emerging safety issues and trends, progress of aviation safety research, and to be updated on the latest research developments on key topics such as:- Reduction of Runway excursion;- Total aviation system risk prevention and mitigation;- Reduction of the likelihood of organisational accidents;- Improvement of pilot performance and reduction of human errors;- Mitigation of risk of fire, smoke and fumes in modern cabins.A poster session will also be organised around these five topics, and will be open to students, researchers, projects and all interested participants.Additionally, an overview of the European aeronautical research establishments institutional safety projects will be provided by EREA (European Research Establishments in Aeronautics) members.Registration to the Workshop is free.

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