Friday, February 26, 2016

It was so fast, so violent and so unexpected that we could not get the kill-moment completely on camera. We were running after the dogs when they suddenly had - in front of them - a mama Impala with its tiny baby next to her. They jumped on the baby before it had time to react. The mother tried to come for rescue but there were too many dogs for her to even try to get close and she had to jump off, fast running into the bush. That baby Impala was eaten alive in less than 2 minutes by only the younger members of the pack ... As the elder mainly sat nearby until the "children" were finished with their meal. As brutal and sad as it is, to see that antelope loose her calf, as a safari-lover you can not ask for better than this: seeing nature take its course, with kills and survival stories of wild animals happening at natural, organic pace. by lovingjune


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