Friday, November 18, 2016

Launch of the European Human Biomonitoring Initiative (HBM4EU) - 8 December 2016, Brussels, Charlemagne building

[Source: Research & Innovation] Do you want to know more about our daily exposure to chemicals and its impact on your health? The European Human Biomonitoring Initiative (#HBM4EU) is a joint effort of 26 countries and the European Commission, co-funded by Horizon 2020. #HBM4EU signals a greatly increased awareness of the need to understand the impact of such exposures on human health and the need to find a balance between useful and harmful whilst considering also industrial competitiveness and disease prevention. This event is organised under the auspices of the Slovakian Presidency and gathers EU officials, representatives from the relevant industries who are impacted by the regulations the initiative is meant to support, lead researches, WHO and OECD representatives.

from EUROPA - Syndicated Research News Feed

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