Wednesday, May 18, 2016

TOICA project presenting at the 2016 ECCOMAS Congress - 9 June 2016, Crete Island, Greece (via Research & Innovation)

Dedicated TOICA full day minisymposium presenting final project achievements will take place on Thursday 9, June during the ECCOMAS Congress, 5 - 10 June 2016 Crete Island, Greece. Presentations and demonstrations will show how TOICA contributes to delivering thermally optimised architectures by developing new trade-off mechanisms, new pyramids of models enabling earlier and more reliable assessments, new methods for more robust and deeper integration of functions, better management of exchanges with the supply chain and finally, new capabilities enabling architects to explore more agilely the design space. These presentations will be based on the demonstrations performed during the TOICA final Plateaus (May 2016) animated by thermal architects and experts, during which the benefits associated with the TOICA results will be assessed and measured.

from EUROPA - Syndicated Research News Feed

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